Flute and Recorder Lessons

When I teach flute lessons, my primary goals are fostering fun and expressiveness in music. I strive to keep my relationships with students positive and empowering, while building a thorough foundation in flute education. We will focus on fundamentals in tone, breathing, and technique, and chose beautiful pieces to play! I also work with the students on reading notes and rhythms, and offer exposure to influential flutists, music history, and relevant music theory.

Additionally, I center lessons on the individual. Each student's journey is unique.  I also understand the primary educator of the child is the family. I maintain open communication with parents about the progress of their child, and want to work with each family's goals for their child's music education. 

Every year, we will have a formal recital, as well as informal gatherings and parties where you can meet other flute students and their families! 

I keep current and updated with music education practices and flute products, and tap into a wide network of educators and vendors to help my students evolve and advance. 

- Jenny Bendelstein, flute and recorder teacher



Lesson pricing:

30 min - $25

45 min - $37.50

60 min - $50

In-Home lesson options available! Contact for a quote based on your location. 



SUNDAY: Studio Lessons (6067 N. Hermitage) - Free Street Parking

MONDAY to THURSDAY: In-home Lessons


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Flute Lessons

Students ages 8 and above are welcome to learn flute. Flute students will learn the foundations of flute - sound, breathing, posture, and technique. Flute students play enjoyable and challenging pieces, and learn to express themselves musically. Each flute lesson is tailored to the individual - there is no cookie cutter style to instruction! I also aid students in preparing for band and orchestra auditions. 



Recorder Lessons and Recorder Classes

Students 7 and under are welcome to learn recorder. Recorder students will learn the first steps of music and prepare for flute. Recorder students learn basics in breathing, notes, and fingers for flute technique. I love playing games and having fun with younger students. Every lesson is a delightful adventure.