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Chicago Flute Academy offers private lessons for flute and recorder students of all levels, ages, and direction in their musical lives. CFA will also host recitals, gatherings, sectionals, and educational opportunities with other organizations.

CFA hopes to provide the best musicianship practices for its lesson services. Multiple facets of musicianship are holistically emphasized in lessons, including a healthy psychological approach to learning. CFA will endeavor with students in building solid foundations in expression, tone, technique, posture, musicality, repertoire, and confidence through weekly lessons. CFA aspires to support students who engage in band and orchestra, and hosts annual recitals and frequent studio gatherings.

CFA seeks to continuously build a supportive network by engaging its community, connecting students to local businesses, musical artists, and educational institutions across Chicago. This enhances CFA’s student experience while we hopefully do our part to connect music education resources across Chicago-land.

Whenever possible, CFA will offer support and education opportunities to local music programs. Examples of community support include - putting together a workshop at a local music space, or teaching flute sectionals in school band programs.