Jenny has been a wonderful teacher for my 10 yr old son. He is new to the flute and Jennifer has shown much kindness and patience with him throughout each lesson. She has also been quite inventive in helping motivate him to practice more (I admit to being hands-off about practice since I didn’t want to have any other elements in our life to argue about).

Our son also participates in a school band and we were quite touched that Jennifer took the time to attend our school band concert. She has a true enthusiasm for music and she brings that generosity to her lessons.

You’d be lucky to have her as a teacher.
— Dan, father of elementary school flute student
Part of my responsibility as manager of La Jolla Music is to seek out the best teachers for our lesson studio. Granted, defining “best” is as subjective as one can get when choosing a music teacher, but I naturally felt comfortable with Ms. Jenny during a part of the interview which involved her patiently teaching me how to blow into a flute headjoint.

The way she encourages and empathizes with students are assets that allow her students to have fun with the learning process and grow musically. Students and parents would regularly express enjoyment of their lessons directly to me, which further demonstrated her love and commitment as a music educator. Most importantly, Ms. Jennifer enjoys children and brings delightful excitement to each lesson. They are engaged because of her connection to each individual, regardless of age or level. I am grateful for Ms. Jennifer to have guided our students musically during her time in San Diego.
— Jawxin, manager at La Jolla Music
I worked with Jenny at After School Learning Tree in 2014 and 2015. She was my colleague and assistant at my flute studio. Throughout our time teaching together, I saw her display so much care and attention to detail in each lesson. She was always giving me new ideas. The families at our studio invest a lot in the education of their kids, and after a while people were raving to me about her coaching and instruction. Jenny has a world-class training, yet she is so down to earth. She really cares about the students and wants to connect with them on an individual level. I was blown away by her skill as a teacher, and I saw so much improvement in each student’s playing after every lesson. I would HIGHLY recommend people to study with her.
— Vivian Bergova, Musical Director and Flute Teacher at After School Learning Tree
My son has been taking flute lessons with Jennifer for the last two months. Beginning flute is difficult since it is initially so hard to make nice consistent sounds, but Jennifer has been a fantastic teacher whose supportive style has really helped him get going and has kept him enthusiastic throughout. Highly recommend!
— Karen, parent of middle school flute student
Personally, I think that Jenny is a wonderful flute teacher. My daughter likes her a lot. Jenny is patient and caring. She always gives us the full hour, even if we are late. She always takes everything that is serious and brightens it up, and she makes flute fun for my daughter.
— Surisa, mom of elementary school student
Jennifer is kind, caring, and patient.
— Sherif, father of elementary school recorder student
Among other good things about Jenny, she is a very patient instructor. She carefully guides her students and encouraged them to explore and have confidence about what they are doing. I would recommend Jenny to any students who truly want to enjoy playing flute!
— Nan, adult jazz student
She’s so awesome.
— Pimrisa, elementary school student
Jenny is an amazing teacher for both children and adult students. She is knowledgeable, friendly and able to customized classes for each student’s goal. She not only teaches technical skills, but also explains styles of different era of (classical) music, which I enjoy and consider to be valuable. I highly recommend her.
— Maxie, adult student
Jenny is such a wonderful flute teacher. She has adapted her way of teaching to my daughter and it is perfect for her. She shows a great understanding of what is the best strategy to help my child improve her musical skills. I definitely recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for an amazing flute teacher.
— Dalila, mom of elementary school student
Jenny is such an amazing teacher. Not only does she possess expertise in playing the Flute but she knows how to bring out the best in my daughter and makes learning fun. I can’t believe how much progress my daughter has made this year.
— Justyna, mom of elementary school student
Jenny is so patient and so knowledgeable! I’ve made great progress.
— Emily, adult student